Monday, June 8, 2009

Figuring Myself Out

I've spent the last few nights reading random blogs. I have no idea who these people are, but I feel connected to them in some strange way. Reading a woman's blog from Australia, I got a new perspective on what June means to me. I've been drawn to young mother's stories. Generally, they're housewives who like to cook and live simply. Surprisingly, most of them are fairly religious.

Every night, after my college classes, I listen to religious radio. I'm not particularly spiritual or religious. I'm still vague on my beliefs in God, and even moreso on my beliefs in Jesus. But I find the basic messages comforting and appealing. Rather than feel guilty about not knowing where I stand, I'm going to take baby steps and discover in my own time what I believe.

School is over for the summer. I've still got parents driving me nuts, but at least I have a break. I've gotten tons of ideas from my college classes that I will use for my classes next year.

We found out today we were turned down for a loan. We're hoping they reconsider as I got a HUGE raise that should make us more appealing loan-wise. I am really unhappy with the service from our mortgage broker though. I will never recommend him again.

This summer I plan to read a lot more. My first for-fun read is going to be Serena by Ron Rash. I have two books to read for school as well. I am more than open for suggestions.

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