Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lots to Do and No Willpower

We move anywhere from less than a week to 10 days from today. Bubs has helped a lot, but I need to pick up the pace. I can't bring myself to pack any more! Tomorrow, I plan on:
  1. Cleaning the kitchen.
  2. Putting the pots and pans in boxes.
  3. Making zucchini and carrot bread.
  4. Finishing the laundry.
  5. Packing the bathroom.
  6. Packing the miscellanea that sits next to and on top of the desk.
We also talked about not getting cable in our new house. I think it's beneficial to get rid of the television as much as possible. We still have and love our DVDs, so we won't miss the random shows too much. I'm hoping that without the TV, I can get back into reading more. I've got lots of plans for our new place, and I'm excited to be going! I'm sure I will miss our little apartment, though. There were lots of good memories here.

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