Saturday, June 13, 2009

House Issues and Bread Disaster

I've resigned myself to the fact that we're moving in with the 'rents for a month. No one on Earth can give us a mortgage until 60 days before my raise (July 16th). Most of our stuff is over there already. Even though we took two car loads over yesterday, we didn't pack a single thing today. We just laid around the entire day.

I did, however, endeavor to use food we don't eat a lot so that we didn't have to take it with us. I made chicken with a grape marsala sauce that was actually really good. But earlier in the day, I decided to make bread with the last little bit of flour I had. I had just enough with a tad left over. So I made the dough according to a recipe I found on Safely Gathered In. I let it rise, no problems. Then, I went to add the rest of the ingredients. For whatever reason, instead of adding half a cup, I added two cups. In an attempt to salvage the batch, I dumped in every speck of flour I had left. We made bread with it anyway, and it turned out like a weird ciabatta/english muffin bread. While I don't like it, someone in the house will eat it.

I really wish everything would just work out well. I'm super stressed about the move. It doesn't even feel like my anxiety meds are working anymore. I feel so sick and my heart is going crazy. I'm going to call the doctor Monday morning. I know I need to start watching what I'm eating and such. Though it's trite - I'm starting tomorrow. I am hopeful that it will calm my symptoms.

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