Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Era Over, A New One Begins

Yesterday, we moved out of the apartment. We got out just before five o'clock. It was so empty by the time we were done. It hasn't really set in that we'll never go back there. Last night, we slept on two air mattresses with our stuff piled all around. We're really lucky that we have loving and generous people to stay with. I plan on helping around the house as much as possible. Today, I made zucchini bread with the last of my zucchini. Before I go to bed I'm going to clean up around the house. Everybody in the house is a morning person, so I'm the only one up even though it's just after 10pm.

I mapped out my summer schedule during class today, and it appears that after my last class finishes up (July 16th), I am totally done until we go to Arizona. I go to Florida on Tuesday (woo hoo!). I leave Tuesday and get back on Friday. It will be both educational and fun.

Wicket is not a happy camper. She does not get along well with other animals, and has made that very clear. She refuses to come out of the bathroom. When she does venture out, she hisses and growls at everyone. I'm hopeful that through the course of the month we're here, she might become a little more tolerant of other animals and other people.

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