Monday, September 28, 2009

My Poor Kids...

I gave a test to my physics kids today. As a "professional learning team", the physics faculty decided that one teacher would make the test for each chapter, essentially rotating the duty. The theory is that all students should be able to complete the same chapter test, no matter who wrote the test. It's not my idea, I just carry out the orders from administration. So anyway, another teacher wrote this test, and I was the first one to give it. It took my poor kids more than 75 minutes to complete it. A lot of people still have to come in to finish it. I will bring cupcakes next class, because they were so good about that atrocity. On top of that, I'm going in super early to make the test better for my other two physics classes.

That being said, I am being won over by the homeschooling argument. The good (control over your child's education) seems to outweigh the bad (less socialization with peers). Is it such a bad thing that a child experiences socialization with a broad age range rather than a very limited one? I think not. I have a bachelors in physics with a minor in math, and I am an avid reader with a knack for writing. On top of that, I will be a certified teacher long before I have kids. I believe I am more than qualified to teach my (future) children. Now all I have to do is convince *B* that it's a good idea.

The only concern I still have is that my children would largely be influenced by my own bias. Not that I am biased any more or less than anyone else, but I would like them to get a full depth and breadth of knowledge. Hopefully, by exposing them to a number of outside stimuli (blogging polls like Mrs. Pear, internet, videos, field trips), they will experience a range of opinions and learning/teaching styles. But I've got a number of years before I have to worry about that one :o)

One thing I'm super excited about is the prospect of *B* going back to school! A local college has a great part-time masters program in his field! Even though it won't be bringing in any more income, it will definitely boost his chances of finding employment. Any prayers would be welcome!


  1. You're bringing back memories of Mr. Mordecai going to school when we were first married. He was in school for the first 2 1/2 years we were married--hey, that's half our married life!--and we were so poor and so happy.

    The high school I went to had a physics curse. They couldn't find a good teacher for anything, and when they got one, she died, and then the next one mysteriously disappeared!

    Sorry for the random irrelevant comments. :)

  2. lol, no worries. I love random, irrelevant stories. We had the same problem with chemistry teachers. Mine freaked out a week before Christmas and never came back!