Friday, September 4, 2009


We got approved for a mortgage! If the USDA signs off, we'll be moved in two weeks from today. I'm so happy, I think my heart will burst. I'm very, very grateful for everything *B*'s parents have done for us, but WE'RE OUTTA HERE!

Tonight, I had a hair appointment with my mom. It's becoming a tradition it seems. *B* went with us, and we had dinner at Olive Garden beforehand. I mentioned that I saw a stove on sale at Sears, and that the appliances at our new home are about 25 years old. Wouldn't you know, we went to look at them, and they had 12 months no interest, no payments. I am tutoring a student this year, and I earn $600 for it. A brand new stove was about $569 on sale, and it is a gorgeous piece of equipment. So we bought it! My mom put it on her Sears card and I will pay her off before it even starts accruing interest. We decided that it was better to buy the stove now, on sale and before the other one breaks, rather than wait until we have no method of cooking and buying something in a bind. This is the model we bought:It's a ceramic top, with a covered element in the bottom so that food doesn't drip on it. It has a sabbath timer, which means I can put food in the oven when I go to work and it will turn on and off when I want it to! I'm so very excited, can you tell?!

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