Sunday, September 27, 2009

So Productive

I have been so productive today. Things I've done:
  1. Got my car fixed
  2. Made a feast for lunch
  3. Went to the grocery store
  4. Baked white bread
  5. Baked pumpkin loaves
  6. Unpacked most of the kitchen
  7. Did at least four loads of dishes
My car has been shaking very badly at high speeds lately. I had gotten the tires balanced, but it didn't fix the problem. So I took it to Mr. Tire, and they told me they were the worst axles they've ever seen. I had to get both front axles replaced. They had a huge list of other things that needed to be fixed, but my brother has agreed to do them next weekend for much less (i.e. food).

Martin's still had a great sale on, so I went back and stocked up a little more for our pantry. I've been so inspired by the blog at I am stocking my pantry at high speed, because once our mortgage starts, I don't precisely know what our food budget will be. Make hay while the sun shines and remember the Ant and the Grasshopper, right?

Once I stocked up on flour, I just had to use the breadmaker again for the first time in a long time. I made white bread this time just because I've never made it before. Once I get wheat flour, I will make half and half and plain wheat bread.

Making bread in the breadmaker inspired me to make a treat for *B* for breakfast. To provide for us, he gets up at 2:40 am to go to work by 4 am. He can't get a job in his field (he got two BS degrees in May), so he works the early morning shift at Costco to pay the bills. So for his breakfast, I made gorgeous pumpkin loaves with pumpkin seeds on top, just like you'd find at Starbucks. I'm so proud:

I've found that it is so much easier to live a relaxed, productive life without television. I listened to NPR while working this morning, and I've had movies on in the background this evening. We decided not to get cable, and we do not yet have any antenae for our TVs to pull public signals. I think I actually like it that way.

*B* and I decided our FHE will be on Wednesdays. I think that this Wednesday, we'll figure out our finances, and make dinner together. I'm still a little shaky on how FHEs work without kids, and before marriage, but I know that's mostly because we're not a "real family" yet. But we act like a family, so that's how I'm going to view us. Hopefully, some day soon I'll be able to say with all certainty that we are.

I'd really like to do something nice for *B*. He has put up with a lot of me freaking out about living situations, voluntarily taken on a 45 minute commute, and done a lot of work to get us moved into a house. I'm not quite sure what to do for him. His birthday and our anniversary are coming up in a little over a month. All of the gift ideas I have for him don't seem to convey the right message. He's only mentioned wanting things like CDs, computer games, and t-shirts. What does one get/do for a guy when you want him to feel appreciated?


  1. Life without TV is great! I can't imagine actually paying for it--there's so much garbage out there. Your FHE sounds great! It sounds a lot like our early ones--do something useful that will bring you closer together.

    Oh, and your chicken dinner looks fabulous.

  2. It's gotten to the point that I'm debating on whether to take the rabbit ears my dad offered us. I do love Sunday Morning on CBS though. I don't know if I could live a fully content life without that, and I wasn't able to find in on the web anywhere.

    Thanks for the compliment - it was delicious!