Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mmmm, cupcakes!

I made my cupcakes for my physics kids. They loved them! And so did my coworkers who took the leftovers :o) My recipe:

Triple White Chocolate Cupcakes
White cake mix
Three egg whites
Instant white chocolate pudding
White chocolate chips

Powdered sugar
White chocolate chips (chopped)

When I make bigger cupcakes (muffins), I make liquid white chocolate and fill the cupcakes. Ohh so delicious!

I think I've decided I'm permanently giving up TV. On hulu, we can watch any cartoons we want if we get a hankering. We have tons of DVDs for our moving viewing pleasure. I think that having to work to find entertainment really prevents the mindless droning that usually takes place when I get home from work.

Tonight, for our second FHE, we ended up exploring our new town by going to the farmer's market and the library together. At the farmer's market, we bought some fresh squash. But the most interesting thing was the CSA opportunity. It has prompted me to research all the CSAs in the area. Since we don't have a whole lot of land, it would be a good idea to support our local farmers until we can start homesteading ourselves. We would learn to eat new foods, and we would can everything we possibly can. At the library, I picked up books on canning and the like. At the asian market, produce prices are ridiculously low, so I'm going to stock up on fruits and can them myself. It'll be my first attempt!

We also built our pantry last weekend. I love it so very much. I have already stocked it up!

I'll be putting flour and sugar in gamma buckets as soon as I can afford it. One thing I'm curious about is that I read BYU found pasta to have a shelf life of 30 years, but the box has a 1 year expiration date on it. Where does this discrepancy come from? Who's right?

*B* actually applied for school on his own! Now we wait and pray...


  1. The study was done on food packaged for long-term storage, not in cardboard boxes. I believe they mostly looked at food packaged in #10 cans. I personally use buckets, and figure they're sort of a middle ground--more convenient and reusable, and much better than boxes that insects and rodents could get into. I'm not planning to let my food sit around for 30 years without eating it anyway. :)

    Your pantry looks great.

  2. I second Mrs. Mordecai! I cook using all my food storage items, so nothing will be there for 30 years.