Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bad News, Good News, and Overdue Post #1

Bad news - that little illness I've been battling beat me over the head last night/this morning.  When I woke up, I couldn't really talk at all and my throat was killing me.  I shouldn't take off of my summer jobs because they're so short.

Good news - I did take off of work.  This is the first day I've had to actually relax in a long time.

Overdue post - the garden.  We've had a lot of problems with things eating our plants lately.  Our lima beans and squash are the hardest hit.

Limas with chewed leaves

Stripped lima stems

Zucchini blossom taken over by ants and cucumber beetles

There are good things brewing in the garden though.  The same zucchini plant pictured above has a little guy struggling to make it.  Can you find him?

Baby zucchini

Lima bean with minimal damage

Amish paste tomatoes growing nicely

Sunflowers with actual tiny little buds on them

We're all about encouraging local life around here.  So we've got two bird feeders, two bird baths, and a ton of pollen producing plants for the bees.  At one point a lot of bees would have been scary (I'm allergic), but I've grown to accept and actually like them.

*B*'s dad made us this feeder.  We've put some really nice seed in there - no shells.  Don't worry about fat birds, the squirrels will eat it all. 

This is a finch bird feeder that we recently got.  *B*'s parents had one and it attracted the most gorgeous birds.  I haven't seen one on ours yet though.  Side note:  the feeder is suspended on our paracord clothesline by a carabiner.

These gorgeous flowers attract a lot of bees.  Does anyone know what they are??
This is my state flower.  What are they and what state am I in?  Side note:  Until this very moment, I thought that it was illegal to remove these.  My mom always told me so.  There is no such law!

Our latest harvest - red beefsteak and roma tomatoes, one unripe amish paste tomato, one carrot, two shallots, two teensy heads of garlic, and four onions.

This one didn't make it to the harvest picture.  Nom!

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  1. Black Eyed Susan...Maryland...Those are one of my favorite summer flowers