Saturday, July 3, 2010

Home Resolutions

We did an overhaul on the garden today. The sweet peas were dying and we could really use the space. The nasturtiums had also dominated the whole back side of the raised bed. Who knew they grew so big!?
We also got some great harvests. We dumped all of our potato bins and culled a large harvest of spuds! All of our potatoes came from one potato from the store that had eyes growing.

I had also let the cilantro go to seed, so I harvested the coriander seed that resulted.

We also transplanted the onions and took a look at the shallots. Most of the onions look good, but this one had died back, so we took it. The shallots also died back. Many of them had rotted, but these three were okay.

We have decided next year, we will plant:
- ~20 potato plants
- more sugar snap peas and no sweet peas
- 4-5 nasturtiums in the ground and in hanging baskets
- more sauce tomatoes and less beefsteak tomatoes
- salad greens that are not lettuce
- more strawberries
- one rhubarb plant
- ~20 corn plants
- green beans
- lima beans

In the house, we will soon:
- order a replacement refrigerator drawer
- clean the grill top to bottom
- paint the master bedroom
- caulk the windows
- seal the deck
- reseed the grass

In the house, we will one day:
- renovate the upstairs bathroom (new tub and sink)
- replace the windows
- replace the deck
- renovate the kitchen
- replace the washer and dryer

We will learn to:
- make cheese other than paneer (*B*'s goal)
- make sweet wine (*B*'s goal)
- make soap
- make laundry detergent
- make candles
- knit mittens
- handle situations requiring first aid

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