Monday, July 12, 2010

Wedding Drama

Oy vey!  Things have been crazy around here.  As far as the wedding goes, everything has been planned for a while.  We've just been waiting and paying things off little by little.  Unlike many people these days, I refuse to take out a loan for my wedding.  That's just crazy.

So anyhoo, I finally got around to ordering our invitations.  They're so pretty!

I originially found them at Papyrus for $500+.  I almost died and resigned myself to hand-making my invitations.  Then, I found a website that sold them for more than half off.  That I could deal with.  So yesterday, I bit the bullet and ordered the invitations.  *B* and I worked together to come up with wording and everything.  

Here's where it got ugly.  We decided we didn't want any kind of a quote on the bottom, so we selected the option "no quote desired".  It turns out we were supposed to delete those words before ordering.  I missed that tiny little direction.  It now appears that "no quote desired" will be on the bottom of my invitation!  I emailed the company twice (two different email addresses) within 15 minutes of ordering.  I am praying and hoping that they can fix it before printing.  Otherwise, I have to pay to have them reprinted.


  1. This makes me so sad
    and also laugh a bit.

    Is not that just life.
    I hope you get things figured out

  2. I did get emails back from them today. They will make sure it does not print that way. Whew!

    I'm sure I'd laugh if it weren't me, too :o)