Thursday, July 1, 2010

Phew, I'm Home

I made it home! I've never been so glad to be back. My garden not only survived my absence (with care from *B*), but the hibiscus has exploded into bloom:

I've also got some of the most beautiful hostas blooming:

Our peppers are gorgeous:

And we've got tomatoes out our ears:

Some of our tomatoes, four to be precise, have this ugly rot on the bottom:

They're not overripe, because they're still green and hard. Does anyone know what's wrong with them?

Our snap peas and garden peas are, sadly, at an end. We'll be ripping them up soon to compost them. Our potatoes are also almost dead. When the stalks die, the potatoes are ready to be harvested, but it's kind of like sending a kid off to college. It's what you want, it's for the best, but you're not ready to let them go yet.


  1. Welcome home! Your garden is beautiful. I think the problem is called blossom end rot. I don't know how to fix it, but that would probably give you a leg up on Google.

  2. Yes, you've got some blossom end rot. It doesn't spread, but is caused by uneven watering (why having plastic or regular mulch helps) or not enough calcium (can add crushed eggshells). My experience with paste tomatoes is that they often get it when other toms next to them don't. Tra, La- pick them off and hopefully the others are good! Thanks for sharing at the TGP!

  3. Oooh,I had some of those Hibiscus at my house in Kambalda.I really loved them too as they grew fast and gave me lots of flowers & plenty of bee's to photograph too.

  4. I enjoyed your potato description... just dug up some fingerlings yesterday. Looks like you will have a lot of produce when everything comes in:)

    Visiting from TGP