Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Cold in July

How is it possible to have a cold in July?? Both *B* and I are sick right now, with me being the sicker of the two. My nose is stuffed up and I am so yucky feeling. His allergies are acting up because of the dust here.

I discovered the clothing store Ross today. Oh. My. Gosh. It was awesome! I got so much stuff for work! And the clothes are soooo cute. I got 10 items for $100. And I'm not talking about crappy clothes. These were really nice. I will post pictures.

I feel really bad. I think I freaked out a fellow blogger. I saw these really cute skirts that Momzoo made for her girls. I really like the skirts. I emailed her to ask for the pattern, and promptly the pics of her kids dropped off the web. I really didn't mean any harm. They went back up later, so maybe it wasn't me. I do feel a bit like a stalker though, and for that, I am profoundly sorry.


  1. I didn't get your e-mail!! I don't mind e-mails from fellow bloggers ;-) I know someone asked me for the pattern, but when I clicked on her name I couldn't see the profile, was that you maybe? I didn't take the pictures down, must have been a strange bloggy fluke.

    This is the pattern I used:

  2. THANK YOU! I never knew I had comments on my posts! I didn't think anyone actually read them... You have no idea how much I appreciate it :)