Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Teacher Thoughts

Today's class was really inspiring. I was just overflowing with ideas for my students. When I got into my car, I wrote down everything I could come up with. I didn't even listen to the radio on the way home, I just reflected on my teaching. It was a really great feeling. I have a rather long list (almost a page) of ideas I've gleaned from the three classes I've taken this summer. I'm hoping this year will be much better than last.

We went to the thrift store today, and we got a lot of fun things. I bought a new purse, *B* got new shorts, together we got a french press coffee maker, and we got his nephew a little plaid skirt that will be a kilt for the renaissance festival! I will definitely be going back there.

I'm having a hard time saving money even though we're living with *B*'s parents. In the past week, we've been to the thrift store, Wal-mart, Chevy's, and random food venues. The worst part - I'm scheduled to go out with friends Thursday and Friday.

I think - I hope - what's going to happen is that the second we get the house, we tighten down. I plan on getting the Sunday paper to clip coupons. We won't be going out to dinner nearly as often, and I won't be stopping random places for junk food. I'm thinking about trying the envelope system, or at least keeping a spending journal. I also want to keep a running tally of how much things cost. I had heard of a scanner than itemizes your receipts, but I can do that myself if I am disciplined enough.

We hopefully have 8-10 more days before we move. That feels like such a long time still. There's so much that can go wrong between then and now. All I can do is wait and pray.

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  1. We really tried to cut down on dinners out when we moved into our house, too. It's hard, especially when you're the cook. I found that keeping a few fast things around, even just frozen pizza, really cuts down on eating out, at least when we go as a result of me being too tired.