Monday, July 6, 2009

I Feel MUCH Better

Last night, when I finally laid down to sleep, I asked for help with the stressors in my life. I had a long hash out of what I needed and for what I was thankful. I, then, woke up this morning a full 3 hours after I wanted to be up, better than the night before. By mid-afternoon, I was feeling alright. *B* and I had a nice snuggle and a talk about what's bothering me. Now, I'm feeling much better. I'm still working on the God thing. Above all, I think prayer is working well for me. I don't know why, and I don't know how, but it makes me feel better.

I started my summer classes back up, and Gail from work is teaching my class. This development is good because she knows me, but bad if I don't perform well! I think it'll be alright. I get to go in late to school tomorrow, which is nice.

After class today, I went to Borders. I have a coupon for $5 off of any book, but I couldn't find anything that struck my fancy. So I came home and hopped on What Should I Read Next to find something I like. I'll be back at Borders tomorrow, list in tow.

A few months ago, a Real Simple blog got me to thinking about this question: what do I want my life to be like in five years. Since then, I've been creating a collage (albeit from Google images pics) of what I want in my life in five years. Tonight, I've worked it into something that I think fits pretty well. It's definitely a work in progress as it reflects how one's priorities change over time. Even from the time I first started, my priorities have shifted. But here it is, in its unfinished glory:

It's a tad bit blurry, but overall, it demonstrates the major areas of my life that I'd like to develop. From top left, clockwise: having a home, having a family, traveling here and abroad, and cultivating hobbies.


  1. I like the "5 years from now collage". It reminded me of something I just read this afternoon. They said (this isn't a direct quote) that 5 years are going to pass no matter what, and we can keep doing the same things we have always been doing and be in the same place we are now in 5 years. Or we can choose to be somewhere else in 5 years. It is our choice and no matter the choice 5 years will come and go.

    Keep up with the praying. Prayer is a wonderful comfort to me in so many ways.

  2. I wasn't clever enough to come up with that idea entirely on my own. I was racking my brains a few days ago trying to find the website that described free writing about life five years from now. It was much easier for me to do it with pictures.

    I definitely need to keep up the praying. It's been falling by the wayside since I haven't been able driving from school and listening to Christian radio.