Saturday, July 11, 2009

You Do What You Must...

...when it comes to your cat. Wicket still has a wicked case of the fleas. I've been combing her for three days in a row, and yesterday I even ventured to give her a bath. I've gotten over 50 fleas in the last 72 hours and countless eggs as well.

First, the bath story: I ran some warm water in the tub. I put the cat in the tub, and the typical freak out started. I held her back toward me, and her claws were flying, scratching at the enamel tub. Her little claw actually hooked a bar of soap and sent it flying. There's a huge gouge out of it! I laughed at her until somehow she spun around and the claws were pointed toward me. My arms are proof of her displeasure. After I got her totally soaked, she calmed down much, much more. She tried to get out, but not nearly as vigorously.

As I was combing fleas off tonight, I had to be creative to keep her near me. We had bought new, catnip-flavored pounce treats. I gave her some treats when she let me comb her. When she ran away, I tossed a trail of treats a la Hansel and Gretel right on back to me. It worked probably three or four times before I decided the few fleas I was getting off of her were not warranting the mass quantity of food.

I'm trying to ignore the mortgage issues this weekend. I will say, however, my ex-landlord keeps ignoring my phone calls and emails. We have mail to get, and we haven't gotten our security deposit yet! I'd even be okay with it if he said I can't do it now, but I'll get it to you. I just don't like being ignored.

I brought my dad's vacuum over when I dropped him off from the airport yesterday. This morning, I went nuts vacuuming the living room. It feels so much better in here. I will clean our bedroom again tomorrow, and try to organize the computer room.

When I brought over the vacuum, I also brought ALL of my mom's canning supplies. I will be learning to can over the next few days.

I was also doing my internet hunt today, and found this interesting article on stocking an inexpensive pantry. I will definitely start looking a little more carefully for deals from now on. I'm not sure, however, how to find all these great deals. I've heard rumor of an internet site that tells you all the best deals. After my canning research, deal hunting will be my next project.

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