Friday, July 3, 2009

Night Thoughts

At night, lying in bed when I'm trying to sleep, I have deep thoughts that I want to write about. When I get out of bed to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard as the case may be), I don't remember any of it. And here I am, trying to put it all back together.

I feel guilty that I didn't ask my parents if they wanted to get together for July 4th. So instead, I asked my mom to go to church with me Sunday, which is something I haven't done outside of school in literally years. She was surprised, but receptive. I'm going to call my dad tomorrow and swing by his house after my mom and I finish up. *B* and I are meeting up with Michelle and Bill next Friday, and I've asked Kimber if she wants to hang out next Thursday. I'm really trying to reconnect with people I've lost touch with.

I feel like I have no purpose during this time off. During the school year, I have purpose out my ears, but not so much now. I'm slowly whittling away at lesson plans I have to create. But that is a VERY slow process that comes in productive spurts. My classes start up again this Monday, which will actually be a welcome change.

We have 12-14 days until we can move into the house. Being under the two week mark is both very exciting and very scary. We've opened so many boxes, and they will all have to be repacked. If anything will fail, it will be soon. I think that I'm afraid of being told we can't move in again or that I've made huge financial mistakes during this waiting period. I've been saving a lot, but spending a fair amount as well.

So far on our 72 hour kits, we have backpacks, emergency blankets, and utility knives. I'm struggling with finding a good first aid kit. What should it have in it? How much is appropriate? I'll be making a new medicine bag for my purse after we move in. At one point, I had pain killers, benedryl, lactaid, dramamine, band aids, and much more in my purse at any given time. But now that a) we've moved and b) my purse has all but fallen apart, I no longer carry it with me. I'd like to go to the thrift shop to see if I can find a new purse. As for my car kit, I'm sure that I could finish it out really quickly if I shop my belongings, but I've been too lazy to do it. Perhaps tomorrow I can take the five minutes I need to do it. I even have an empty crate in which I can put it all somewhere in this house!

For now, I'm just counting the days and trying to enjoy each one as it comes.

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