Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happier Day

Today, I ordered the first of my supplies for my 72-hour kit from the REI outlet. It comes in July 15th, just about when we move into the house. It's really pretty, as shown below, and the biggest I could find.
When I can, I'll be gathering supplies to stock it and my car pack. *B* is really into the idea of self-sufficiency and preparedness, too. We're both very excited to get started.

There is a gorgeous storm outside. The lightning is particularly bright tonight. The power even went out just now. I haven't heard a good summer storm in a long time.

Yesterday, we went to see my mom and her kitten. It really made me nostalgic to be back in the area. I really would love to move back there when I'm more settled in life. I love it because it's open, friendly, and comforting. I miss all the space and the animals. Unfortunately, the main town in the area is really starting to build up, so it will never really be the same when I get back there. But I can always hope.

Mom's kitten, Shadow, when we watched her for a few days.

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