Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I am absolutely amazed. It is snowing. We are to get up to another 10-20 inches. This is on top of the 2+ feet we still have from the weekend. Unlike last time, *B* and I are taking turns shoveling before the snow gets too deep. Schools have been closed for the rest of the week. Unfortunately, because my laptop is dead, I can't upload any pictures! I will get them up as soon as my laptop is back in working order.

I've learned that we are very spoiled where we live. We drove to IKEA today with a friend. When we picked him up, the major highways were only half cleared, and his road wasn't really cleared at all. My car kept bottoming out on the 8 or so inches of ice left on the road. Here at home, all of our roads were cleared within the first day of the blizzard. Even the smallest of side roads are clear. Or at least, they were before it started snowing again.

I've decided to do something productive with my time off. It seems like a waste to sit at home idle all the time. Don't get me wrong, I love the Stargate marathon that *B* and I have going right now. But I kind of feel like I've been given this time to be productive. So tomorrow, I'm reorganizing my pantry. I always get it up to date and cleared out, but I never update my inventory. I might be keeping too many details. I have all items listed, number of items, first date of expiration, and last date of expiration. I think I'd be okay just listing what I have and how many I have of it.

I think that I'm keeping up with my lovin' that man of mine challenge, but I often forget to post about it. At last count, I made *B* lunch for tomorrow and I cleaned off his car. Just one more and I'll fulfill my deeds for the day.

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  1. That's a lot of snow! It sounds like fun, if you're prepared for it, which it sounds like you are. I wish we lived near an Ikea. Lucky indeed!