Sunday, February 28, 2010

They're Back!

Oh, how I missed posting pictures. While my laptop is still dead, I finally got a camera cord to connect up. Enjoy the last few weeks!
Pretty Evie cat, watching the snow.Our cars were totally covered by the blizzards. It took forever to shovel that path.
Those are normal sized trashcans. By the end of the snow, they were 100% covered.
*B* gets bored/creative with our snow mound.The snow covered our entire first floor.
This is the snow coming in through our first floor window.
So much snow!!
Evie's hanging out! Look at how big she's getting!I love my kitty!My mom's kitten, Shadow. Doesn't she look JUST like Wicket?This is Wicket...I think.One of our new birdie friends.Another one of our new birdie friends.My new seedlings-to-be! I'm so excited to watch them grow :o)


  1. That snow is nuts! We didn't get much around my parts and now there is worry that we might have drought conditions this summer :-/

  2. That would not be fun. We usually have a drought warning every year. The "geniuses" in our county government sold water rights to a reservoir in our county to a nearby city years ago. Every year they drain our lake and enforce water restrictions on us for people who don't even live here. It's crazy.