Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bursting Out of the Cocoon

We've made it. The sun is shining, the icicles are melting, and it's a glorious day. *B* got a phone call from his manager saying he didn't have to come in until 7 am, then 9 am, then finally noon. He was so sweet - he let me drive him to work and take his car! When we shoveled, we had no room to put snow, so it went on top of my car. We figured that I don't work until Tuesday, so it was okay. I just hope that some of this melts before our next snowfall on Monday. There is some amazing angel who has been snow blowing our driveway. I don't know who it is, but I am so very thankful for it.

The first place I went after getting out of the house was Southern States. I got rock salt (which we couldn't find before now) and something I'm very happy about - SEEDS! I'm debating on starting them early inside or waiting until after the frosts have died down. I got:
  • zucchini
  • tomatoes
  • snap peas
  • cantaloupe
  • carrots
  • parsnips
  • parsley
  • cilantro
  • lavender
I'm looking forward to a tasty crop this summer. There are still a few seed packets I need to pick up (lettuce, spinach) but for now, I've got enough to keep me occupied. Should I start my seeds now? Or wait a while?

I finished my latest book, My Antonia by Willa Cather. While it's considered a classic, I had never read it. It was one of the few fiction books *B* has that I'm into. Most of his books are either non-fiction nature books or cheesy cookie cutter series novels. My baby cats (I still call them both this though only one is a kitten) laid on the bed with me while I finished the book. It was heavenly.

I had also read a Good Housekeeping magazine yesterday that I received in the mail after I accidentally signed up for (and canceled) a subscription. This has inspired me to find a vintage cookbook and start working through it. I've a very picky person, so it's got to be just the right book. After I find it, I think I'll start a series on the recipes in it.


  1. When is your last frost date? It still may be a tad early to start seeds. As for the Peas, Carrots and Parsnips you can direct sow those soon. The Peas can so in as soon as you can work the soil, frost won't kill them. Carrots, I usually plant those in the garden about 6 weeks before the last frost day (which around here is May 15th, so I plant carrots the first of April) I think the parsnips are the same as carrots, but you will have to check that.

    The zucchini and cantalope, don't start inside, they don't do very well transplanted. Direct sow those after your last frost date, they grow so fast you won't have gained anything by starting indoors and there is a good chance you will losed them in transplanting. It just isn't worth the work in my opnion. ;-)

    Tomatoes, do those in a couple of weeks. Make sure they have A LOT of sun or they will strech and won't do as well. If they do get streched out, you can burry the stem when you plan them.

    The Herbs you could start anytime.


    Oh, also, about the carrots, if you get them in the first of April you can usually get two harvests. Plant again mid-summer, once the others are harvested. The in the fall you can either harvest, or you can bed them down with lots of straw and they will over winter. Meaning, you will be able to dig carrots all winter and into the early spring (depending on how many you plant ;-)) I just dug up a bunch of wonderful carrots the other day. It is nice to have garden fresh veggies in February (this works for parsnips too.)

    sorry, long comment...I love to garden!

  2. Oh you are so awesome! THANK YOU! I need to find out our frost date. Btw, I read your post on garlic awhile back, threw mine into some containers outside and they've survived two blizzards so far. I don't know how they'll come out, but so far so good :o)