Sunday, February 21, 2010

So Stressed Out

I am so stressed out right now, I can't even think. On top of my normal, everyday anxiety and stress level, my dad is killing me.

When my laptop died, I asked him to see if he could save it. It turns out that it needs the recovery disk and the model number wore off the back of it. He was cross with me for not backing up my files, but my external hard drives were small (byte-wise) and it wouldn't fit. So I bought a gorgeous, lovely little 500 GB hard drive from Toshiba that my dad recommended. It's tiny (size-wise) compared to *B*'s external hard drive. It's slightly bigger than an iPhone.
It arrived Friday. I called my dad to let him know I got it in the mail. He yelled at me about the model number being worn off the back of my computer and said he'd call me when he got home from work.

So *B* and I grabbed some dinner out, because it's a Friday in Lent and I haven't bought fish yet. I turned my phone on silent because we were at Denny's. I forgot to put it back on ringer when we were done. At 9:30, when I realized this, I saw I had one voicemail and 5 missed calls. I called my dad back right away, and I apparently woke him up. He yelled at me for not having a landline phone. I told him I'd call him tomorrow (Saturday). For the rest of the night my stomach was in knots and I couldn't relax.

So on Saturday, I proctored the ACTs at my school. It turns out I dropped my phone into my grading bag and didn't grab it before I left. I didn't realize this until about 5 pm on Saturday. So all night I was dreading calling my dad, because I knew he'd yell at me again. I put it off, and I couldn't relax this morning at all. I've been panicky all morning anticipating the ration of crap (excuse my word choice).

I called my dad at home around 8:30 am and got no response. I used *B*'s phone to text my mom saying to call his phone if she needed me. She told me to call my dad. I don't know my dad's cell phone number by heart, so I called the house phone again. No response, so I left a message. I finally called my mom and she said they were at Wal-mart together. I asked her if she would tell him that my phone is at school and she said no. She refused to give me his cell phone number, too, in a really snarky way.

Is this normal??? If I don't call them, I get yelled at. If I call the ones I know, I get yelled at. I'm 24 years old. At what point do I get to live my own life? Should I have to call my parents within 5 minutes of them calling me? They still treat me like I have to drop everything I'm doing at any moment to heed their beck and call. For two days I have been totally on edge and upset because I know I'm going to get yelled at. It doesn't even matter if I've done anything wrong per se. I get yelled at either way.

UGH! I'm at the point where I'd rather cut off communication than deal with this. Every time my cell phone rings and I see my dad's number, I get sick to my stomach. Every. Single. Time. Why can't I have normal parents?

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  1. A post script - the worst part.

    I finally got my dad's number from my mom because he was complaining I didn't call him to tell him about my phone.

    He acted like absolutely nothing was wrong, like he was surprised I called. And as always, when he asked what was wrong, I just said I'm tired. Because I am.