Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Sorry about that last one. My relationship with my dad is one of those things I'm still working through.

It's been one week since I renewed my efforts to get healthy and slim down for a dress. I've lost 1.6 lbs :o) I could have been a lot better, but the weekend slaughtered me. It turns out I'm awful at eating out at restaurants. The other thing that did some damage was my first ever bridal show.

Michelle and Bill and *B* and I went to a bridal show just outside of a major city. It was the craziest thing I've ever been to. I was told there'd be a lot of free food and a lot of stuff that they give you. I was not prepared for what happened.

There were people circulating with appetizers - crab cakes, beef wellington, shrimp cocktail - then there were places to get drinks - sodas, mimosas (yum!), wine - and then a lot of booths gave away sweets. There was even (get this) a mashed potato bar! I thought they were crazy, but it. was. AMAZING! I would totally do that if I had the budget of a small country. I even picked out what my bouquet would look like. Check it out:

Isn't that gorgeous?! One of the things I saw someone do, and I may or may not do it, was put little pearl pins in the roses. If I don't get the stephanotis (white flowers), I think I'll do that. My mom suggested we call the vo-tech program and see if they'll do my flowers. One of her work friends had them do her wedding for the cost of the flowers!

I'm so excited!!

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