Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What a Nightmare or Why the Things You DON'T Put in your Car Kit are Most Important

I've been really sick lately. Today, well or not, I went into school because it was parent-teacher conference night. I didn't touch anyone and I made sure that I stood away from them. At about 5:30 pm, it started to snow. Normally, I live about a 45 minute drive north of my high school. So I know if it's snowing at my high school, it's already started at home. I had four sets of parents not show up with not even an email. So of course, I had to stay the whole time until 8 pm.

When I left, I turned on my radio to calm my nerves and realized that the sermon show I listened to over the summer was on the radio. It was all about heaven and how one gets in. The whole way home, I was praying to God to make it home "happy, safe, and healthy." Wouldn't you know it, He got me here?

Well, he got me to my driveway at least. At the end of my driveway, I started swerving and heading toward *B*'s and our neighbors' cars. I put the car in park, engine still going, and shoveled two little tire tracks up the driveway. Pretty clever, I thought I was. That was until the numbness struck. I was wearing a knee length skirt and high heeled shoes, and the snow was 2-3" high. The tops of my feet froze especially. I have almost everything I can think of in my car kit but clothes and shoes. These are the things I need the most! Just like home, I'm prepared to shelter-in-place, but not get out in the open. Home isn't so bad as my car kit issues, but bad enough.

It makes me think of a time I was a little girl, probably about 10 years old. I had gotten cowboy boots for Christmas, and for whatever reason, I wore them to school. On the way to run errands, my mom's car ran out of gas and I had to walk for what seemed like forever (realistically? 1/4 mile) in the most uncomfortable, ill-fitting boots you've ever seen. Between these two instances, boots and clothes are the first thing to be added to my car kit tomorrow morning.

Overnight, we're supposed to get 3-6". This weekend, we're supposed to get another blizzard! Yay for snow days! I'm loving my job right now :o)

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