Sunday, April 11, 2010

#1 Preparedness Need

Most of the preparedness posts I and others like me do have to do with material possessions. What do we pack in our 72 hour kits? How many months of food do you have? Do you have a big enough water storage container? While these are obviously very important, they are not the most important survival needs to be considered. Eventually, the supplies will run out. Will you have the knowledge and skills to survive?

I've been thinking on this topic a lot as of late. First, Survival Mom has been posting lists of survival skills for men and women. Then the other night, while watching Jeopardy, a contestant talked about her latest endeavor - she was working her way through the 1911 Eagle Scout requirements. I think this is a fantastic idea. Finally, APN posted about the need for skills when TSHTF.

All of this moved me to evaluate my own knowledge/skill base. I want to:
  • re-up my CPR certification
  • take a First Responders course
  • do a 72 hour practice run
  • cook using only my pantry foods for one month
  • learn and regularly practice knot tying
  • learn to make my own soap
  • learn to make my own candles
  • learn to clean animals killed for me
Are there any skills you'd like to brush up on?

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