Thursday, April 22, 2010

Simple Pleasure Thursday

I have TWO simple pleasures today.

Number one is getting out of debt. My tax return hits my account tomorrow! Our closing costs on the house will be paid off this weekend. I am sooo thankful! *B*'s parents were also very generous and forgave some of our debt. I have $4300 to put toward the wedding now. And God knows I needed it.

Number two is seeing new plants sprout. My garden has had both ups and downs lately. I think we've gotten a couple of frosts lately. Yes, it's my fault for planting so early.

Chocolate Mint, Rosemary, and Chives

Regular Old Mint

Red Leaf Lettuce

Parsley and Basil

Leftover Parsley/Cilantro/Lavender and Nasturtiums and Marigolds

Snap Peas, Sunflowers, and Tomatoes (I think)

Buttercrunch Lettuce (I think the frost killed it) and a Pepper

Random Seedlings: Sunflowers, Tomatoes, Cilantro


Tomatoes and Lavender
Buttercrunch Lettuce (yes, the same batch as the dinky ones)

Red Leaf Lettuce

Shallots (take a good look at the top left side to see them)

Peach Tree (I think I can see some buds)



Buttercrunch Lettuce

Red Leaf Lettuce (the little ones haven't grown at all in weeks)

Salad Mix (an experiment)

Snap Peas

Sweet Peas



And just because it's gorgeous, my Alabama Crimson Honeysuckle

Mystery Game - Part 3

Mystery Plant A

Mystery Plant B
Mystery Plant C
Mystery Plant D
Mystery Plant E
Mystery Plant F
Mystery Plant G


  1. Ok, (I love your guessing games) G and C is called a "Burning Bush" They are pretty and green in the summer but in the fall they turn a bright scarlet red, beautiful bush. F is a Lilac, it might take a couple more years for it to bloom, it is kind of small. D...Hosta maybe? Lilly of the Valley?.... B is some type of low growing ground cover, my parents have some in their yard, but I don't know the name. A, I am guessing "Mock Orange" but I am not 100% sure, it looks a lot like my Mock Orange bush.

  2. Aimee - I love that you love the mystery game, because it helps me figure out what the heck is out there!

    D is Lily of the Valley. My mom was griping about hers today, and it looks exactly the same. I seem to remember the bushes being red in the fall, so I think you're right on the burning bush. I remember A having red flowers. I'm still leaning toward hibiscus on that one, but only time will tell.