Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Buying for the Right Reasons

This year, the lovely lady at Tomato Soup Cake has been on a no-spending spree. Essentially, she hasn't been buying anything aside from absolute essentials like food. This is an endeavor I would eventually like to try. For the most part, aside from pantry items, gardening supplies, and paying off debts, I haven't bought a whole lot lately.

There is one notable exception. And I didn't even pay for it. But I do love it.

A few weeks ago, my dad was complaining that I have Teflon coated pans. Even my pots were Teflon coated. Honestly, I hated them, too. I got them for my college graduation, and asked for them because they were blue. Talk about a lame reason. My pans were flaking, and I already had to throw one pan out because of the extent of the damage. My dad offered that if I found stainless steel, copper bottom pans that weren't ridiculously expensive, he'd get them for me. I found them, and he bought them. I now have a 10 piece set of Paula Deen cookware.
I will admit that the fry pans are not stainless steel. Try as I might, I could not find any that were. But something is better than nothing, and I'm sure the coating is a better quality than the ones I had.

*B* and I cleaned out our pan cabinet today so that we could put away our new items. I've always griped about the cabinet because things come flying out at you when you open it. As we started pulling things out of the cabinet, I realized that I haven't EVER used half of the things in it. I've never used the glass tops for my casserole dishes. A ton of the things in there belong to my mom. So I got rid of my awful, flaky Teflon pans and will be replacing the whole stressful cabinet with only 12 items (I had one copper bottom pot with lid already). Even though it involved spending money and temporarily increasing the amount of stuff we have in our house, it eventually ended in saving money (in not having to buy new pans every couple of years) and getting rid of the stress that that cabinet caused.

I'll let you know how they work out!

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