Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It Never Fails

It's been a little while since I've posted. Things around here are crazy. On Friday night, *B* and I had rotisserie chicken for dinner, and we ate all the white meat as usual. I put the chicken on the stove to pick, but I had to make a cake first because I was having all of my department over for a barbecue on Saturday. I eventually forgot about the chicken.

The next morning, *B* asked if I put the chicken away, and I realized I had forgotten. It's not on the stove anymore. It's not on the floor. In fact, it's not anywhere. Hailey must have pulled it off and taken it somewhere. So we search the house, four hours before my colleagues are to come over, for a chicken carcass. It was no where to be found, until we saw it: the one piece of string that held the legs together in the middle of the living room floor.

She ate the WHOLE chicken! Bones and all! Can you believe that???

Since then, we've been feeding her rice as well as her normal dog food to help cushion the bones. But she decided she needed more than that. She has gotten into the trash at least four times in the last four days: baked beans, potato salad, and the same dinner roll twice. I need to find a different trash can.

So until further notice, I'm on poo patrol, making sure that she doesn't have permanent damage from the chicken. I would be really angry at her, but just look at that face...

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