Wednesday, April 7, 2010

93 Degrees

That's how hot it is at my house right now. Not inside - we've got millions of fans going. But outside, it's absolutely boiling. *B* and I might just camp down in the basement for a while, but it would pain us as my laptop, his PC, and our TV are all upstairs. It was so hot that when I was watering the garden, I barely winced at the ice cold hose water when I had *B* hose me down. Ah, sweat - I mean sweet relief.

My mom and I went shopping today - it was wonderful. I got four work shirts, three of them less than five dollars a piece! I took her to our local organic market which I do so love. I tried something new and found that I absolutely love blue agave nectar. Both my mom and I got a bottle each. We're both trying to eat better; she's cutting out carbs and I'm attempting to go natural.

While we were there, we found local bee pollen.
I've read that if you suffer from allergies (which *B* does), consuming local honey or pollen will build up your immunity. Our first impression, as I tried it too, is that it tastes the way alfalfa smells. I'll let you know how it goes.

I can't WAIT until our local farmer's market starts up again!

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