Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Can't Sleep Blues

I have been jittery all night and I don't quite know why. Could it be because I ate an inordinate amount of cinnamon rolls tonight? Possibly. All the things I haven't done yet though I have to? Quite probably. A list of my things to be done:
  1. Do taxes (in my control and very important)
  2. Call bridal shop (in my control)
  3. Finish grading student work (in my control)
  4. Plan next lesson for all my classes (in my control)
  5. Clean the kitchen/dining room (in my control)
  6. Make some new clothes (sort of in my control)
  7. Reorganize calendar (in my control)
  8. Shovel the deck (sort of in my control)
  9. Till the garden (not in my control)
  10. Plant seeds/plants (not in my control)
But let us not blame the delicious cinnamon rolls and the to-do lists for the moment and focus on something...blissful. As you all are well aware, the snow around here has been ridiculous. While areas where I work are starting to green up again, I live in a valley. The snow isn't going anywhere. I can't really get out into my garden (or even dream of seeing my spring flowers) until that snow melts. Until then, my wishful thinking for the night:

I'm wishing for a mid-spring evening when we can eat outside at our iron table. The sky is blue with a dusting of pink. My daffodils have sprouted out of control and punctuate the beds in the yard. We're having grilled chicken with squished squash and grilled asparagus with a tall glass of iced tea. For dessert, a mixed berry cobbler - homemade of course. I'm wearing my homemade lime green spring dress with a white sweater and (for the first time!) flip-flops. The train whistles low and long in the distance. We turn the radio on quietly as the sky edges into darker and darker shades of pink. As the sun sets for the night, we, too, prepare for sleep.

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