Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yummm, Early Easter Treats!

I've decided to make treats for work tomorrow. I've always wanted to make bird nest cupcakes. Two of Martha Stewart's creations inspired me:

Well, I'm not Martha Stewart, but I think they came out well.

The recipe is really easy. I toasted up some coconut:

Baked some vanilla cupcakes:

Made homemade vanilla icing:

Rolled the cupcakes in coconut, and "glued" Cadbury eggs on top with icing:

Voila! Cupcake treats for my colleagues.


  1. P.S. - They didn't just come out well, they came out AMAZINGLY well. I had people tell me they were the best cupcakes they've ever had! I guess I'll be making that one again :o)

  2. how cute! I think you are a little Martha Stewart!