Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Picking Eggs

As it's almost Easter, I've been thinking about my family's traditions. When *B* and I had our first Easter, two years ago now, he came to my parents' house for Easter. As per usual, after getting our baskets, my family picked eggs. I don't mean we decided which eggs we wanted, I mean we picked eggs. *B* had never heard about this tradition, so I explained it and kind of laughed off the fact that he had never played the game. On the radio this morning, a guy talked about picking eggs and the show's hosts were clueless. I asked around at work, and across the age ranges, no one had heard of it.

Where did picking eggs come from? It's not a generational thing, and it doesn't seem like a regional thing. So I did some research and came up with these references: a post from the Food Maven and the April 6, 1904 edition of the Carroll Herald.

What did I learn? No one really has any clue where it came from :o) But I do know this: I intend to carry it on. And this Easter, I intend to conquer!

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