Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One Step Closer

We are now officially one step closer to getting married! Today, we met with our priest. I'm happy to learn that this parish doesn't require the group classes that our friend had to take. While they offer them, they recommend instead signing up for a sponsor couple program. We'll have our own sponsor couple, and we'll meet them four or five times. They are trained in premarital counseling, and they can help us to anticipate things that we will encounter in married life. We also found out for certain that they will allow us to marry even though *B* isn't Catholic. All I had to do is promise to expose my children to the Catholic religion. I had planned on baptizing them Catholic anyway, barring some religious conversion on my part, so I wasn't worried. This step takes a load off my mind. Whew!

My plants are growing so well, and my parsley has FINALLY started to sprout. I was worried it was a bum bunch of seeds. Check out my beauties!

Lavender - this was my first to sprout, but it's fairly spindly.

Cilantro - this one got big REALLY fast.

Parsley - this finally decided it was time to show itself.


  1. good job! Herbs can take some time sprouting, I am glad they sprounted for you. Your herbs need more sun, that is why the are streching, they are looking for light.

  2. I'm afraid it's a little cold outside (mid 50s to MAYBE low 60s) for them, and if I put them on a table near a window, the cats will destroy them. I've got them on top of my chiminea which I just pulled in front of the window last night. Tomorrow's supposed to be a little warmer, I'll put them outside then.