Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Brother is Amazing!

My little brother is absolutely amazing. We had asked him over to barter some help - exchanging help building our square foot garden with Indian food. A few weeks ago, he asked to stay the night for a few days. He said he'd build us a cat tree. Long story short, we now have a cat tree, but no garden yet :o)

And oh what a cat tree it is!
You can tell my baby cats absolutely love it! We were worried Wicket wouldn't be able to fit her tush into the house, but she squeezed through there.

About midway through construction, I fired up the grill and made honey-butter shrimp (chicken for *B*). So yummy!

My daffodils and crocuses are just now peeking through the soil. As soon as they show their colors, you bet I'll be posting pictures! With any luck, our garden will be underway this weekend. Welcome to spring :o)

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