Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh Me, Oh My

Thanks to my wonderful *B*, I got some help tackling my list. Tonight, we had my taxes done. Because of our new house, we get $9000 back. It is SO helpful to have this money. Almost all of it goes back to our parents, who funded our closing costs. Unfortunately, I was not aware of how much it costs to have taxes done professionally. We will be VERY limited in our spending until next pay check.

While I should feel great about crossing four things off my list (including the one whopper), I can't help but worry. Apparently, I missed a meeting at work. I did not read the weekly schedule. I also missed a prayer service for the first time in my two years. I had a student come in at 8 am to take a test, and I had forgotten to change the numbers on her test. While I frantically changed numbers, I missed the 7:45 start of the service. The meeting was apparently announced there, too. So today, fourth period, I checked my email just before the start of class. An email from the principal read, "I missed you at our meeting yesterday. What is the story?" When I responded that I didn't know about it, I got this: "It was on the weekly calendar and I announced it at the Prayer Service. Please see me."

This principal is really scary to me. I have been freaking out ever since I got the emails. I tried to see him this afternoon, but he was with a student. I'm so afraid of getting fired. I'm not a very good club moderator (which this meeting was about). I'd be fine forfeiting the club. But I finally feel like I belong in my job. Beyond that, *B* applied for a job there this afternoon. I don't want my failings to affect his employment chances. While he didn't mention that he is my fiance in the application, I know it would be found out quickly.

On to more happy thoughts:
My lavender has started to grow!

I'm hoping my parsley and cilantro won't be far behind. Considering we're having mid-40s to mid-50s in the forecast this week, I might actually be able to see grass in my back yard soon!

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